Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Letter Home!

Utah Salt Lake City - Temple Square Mission

So I still can't believe I'm here and that it's been a full week! When I first walked into the MTC with all of my luggage, each missionary that walked by me would say "Hello! Welcome to the MTC!"  I was pretty much bombarded with greetings which was awesome and seriously just what I needed. Their friendliness forced me to be friendly back and push away the emotion from saying goodbye to my parents. My host took me to my room to drop of my bags and we headed to a classroom to meet my District. 

My MTC District
Let me explain some terminology, a District is a group of girl missionaries and a group of guy missionaries who study and are taught together by one or two MTC teachers and then we have 4 or 5 Districts that make up a Zone.  The elders (boys) in our district our going to Mesa, Arizona and they are the sweetest, funniest, and most spiritual kids!  I feel like their older sister since most of them are 18 and after a week I have grown to love them all so much!  And all of the sisters in my District are going to Temple Square!  We all have different personalities, but we are still a lot alike in many ways.  My companion is Sister Hansen and she is from McKinney, Texas! Ha!  She is bubbly, fun, and we are an awesome pair when it comes to teaching lessons! 

Sister Asay & Sister Hansen

This week we started out practicing lessons on each other, so let's say I would teach Sister Hansen, but Hansen would be portraying an investigator or a friend she knew back home.  We tried to make it as realistic as possible so we would answer questions as best as we thought the investigator/friend would.  It was good practice!  Then once we got that down, we started teaching our own teacher!  That was pretty intimidating, haha.  Our teacher is Brother Reeves and he is probably one of the most legit people on this planet.  He is great at guiding class and I feel like I learn so much every time he teaches!  My confidence in my knowledge of this gospel has grown more in the past 7 days than I ever thought possible!  The MTC is a wonderful place.

Also, we actually got to teach a REAL investigator yesterday!  And it rocked!  My companion and I talked to this particular investigator for about an hour just getting to know her better.  She knows so much about our church, attends church meetings on Sundays, has read parts of the Book of Mormon, and has a strong testimony of prayer.  We invited her to start reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and she said yes!  I asked her that when she reads, to read as slowly as she wanted so that she could really be able to take in what the scriptures were saying.  It was a great lesson and we were lucky to have someone so kind and receptive! 

Soo anyone who knows me knows how much I sleep....and can I just say there has been a miracle here at the MTC! Haha. I have woken up every day at 6:30am without struggle!  It gets pretty rough during the day since we are awake and busy for 16 hours straight, but somehow I am able to stay awake during all 3 hours of class (which we have twice a day).  It's a long time to be in one classroom, but I always become alert once class starts.  Such a blessing! 

Anyway, I am so grateful to be here at the MTC.  I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of us and that if we are faithful to him and follow his commandments, we will be so blessed.  He is just waiting to pour out blessings on us!  We just have to take care of our end first.  I heard a quote once that "If we do our best, God will fill in the rest". I testify to that! I have had so many prayers answered this past week it's insane.  I know that I have a Father in Heaven and that He is watching over us.  I love you all!! Thank you to those who have written me emails and letters!!!

Sister Asay 

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