Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I'm Feelin' 22!!

Happy Birthday Sister Asay!!  Thanks to Mr. Mark Olateju for making this photo collage!

I can't believe that it's already my birthday again! Ha, what?  This past year has flown by so fast!!! This time I'm lucky though since my birthday is on Preparation Day, so we are getting dinner at Zupas tonight with our roommates. YUM! :) 

My mom gave me the best nail polish in the world! Formula X!

 "I don't know about you....but are you feeling 22!" So cute!!

This week I want to start with some funnies...

The other day, a previous T-Square sister introduced us to her two new Nigerian friends. (They met in the mall because they thought the sister had fake hair and a fake face, haha...she is a makeup artist).  They were OBSESSED with taking pictures and we literally took 10 minutes at the Christus for that reason. And it was so funny because every time we posed we had to say "Jesusss!". Hahah... every single picture! They were a hoot. And the RM can sing super well so the two ladies asked her to sing Amazing Grace for them. We walked outside so it wouldn't disturb too many guests and after she sang one of the ladies told her to sing again and had everyone join in! So, there we are on the Square singing Amazing Grace. Haha, so great!

The next funny thing was this morning when Sister Hansen and I were on desk assignment and this group of like 20 Asians walked by.  One woman signaled to both of us asking for a picture and after that, one by one, about 7 of them took pictures with us! I have never felt so famous for being American before. They were so sweet!

Miracle time! So, a miracle that happened this week was when Sister Hansen and I were in the North Visitor Center on desk assignment.  I was finishing a conversation with a guest when this lady came up to me and asked where she could get a Book of Mormon. I replied, 'Right here!". I walked around the desk and grabbed her and her husband a Spanish and English Book of Mormon (they requested both). Turns out they were visiting from Puerto Rico and had just been given a tour of Temple Square.  They had a few questions which I answered and we talked about the Gospel and their experience here so far.  They were so nice and willing to learn! I asked if they would like to stay in touch and learn more and they were more than eager!  They said they would love for us to call them and that they would read the Book of Mormon!  Meanwhile, Sister Hansen was talking with their friends and later I found out that they admired the Mormons so much because of their light and how nice and happy they always are.  It was just an overall cool encounter with both couples and we have two new investigators from it!!  They return to Puerto Rico at the end of this week so we will be calling them then :)

Also, a lady, Renee, who I taught before going Outbound to Montana got baptized!!!  She had a date set before I left for July 19th and I was able to call last week and hear all about it!!!  She is so happy and her whole family ended up being baptized too!! Miracles!! The Gospel truly does bless families :) 

Last, but not least,...... David Archuleta spoke in our mission last night!!!!!! Um what?!?!  I know. I couldn't believe it!!!  Turns out one of the senior couples, Elder Howell, is really close with David's grandpa and he wanted to do something for the sisters before they leave at the end of this month, so he asked the grandpa about it and the grandpa talked to David!  So COOL, right???

Proof that David Archuleta came....haha

His voice is amazing and his testimony is rock solid!  I have so much respect for him and for how dedicated he is to the Gospel, especially with the world tugging at him.  He literally sounds even better in person than he already does in his songs! Crazy!  I also sat next to his family during the fireside.  They were so nice!  His little sister was next to me and we talked for a while. We also got pics with David in our zones, but I sadly don't have those yet.  I'll send them next week! 

Well, as you can see, it has been a pretty good week!! We received a ton of new investigators, one of which is Chong Gong who came to the Square.  I love his name and he is super prepared! I know that God blesses us with so many miracles when we are doing our best! I love teaching and I love being on the Square!  The Holy Spirit is so powerful and can touch our hearts when we are open to it, and I love feeling that each day while walking on this sacred ground!  Pray always and look for good in everything!

I love you all!! Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! :)

Sister Asay

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hello everyone!! Wow, so much has happened this week that it's hard for me even to remember!

However, one thing I will for sure never forget is when Sister Hansen and I had Tabernacle assignment this past Tuesday and in walks President Utchdorf! Yep!!  He walked in and since it was pretty bright with the sunlight shining in from the open door that it was hard for me to see him so I probably had a face of confusion/surprise as I was trying to figure out if it was really him.  He smiled and said, "Well, hello sister!" Haha.  And he shook my hand and then Sister Hansen's.  We had a nice one minute conversation with him and then he continued taking his friends from Germany on a tour.  So cool!!  My dream literally came true.  I obviously think it would be cool to meet all of the apostles, but I had always wanted to meet President Utchdorf in particular! And it happened! :) 
Heather & Kayla!!  Texas girls!
The Masses!
Conference was wonderful this weekend!!!  Definitely a hustle and bustle of over 100,000 people, but I loved every second of it! Especially since it is my last Conference as a missionary.  I was able to go to the Sunday Afternoon session of Conference and I loved every single speaker!! I loved Richard G. Scott's talk about what we can do to actively exercise our faith and stay on the path.  He mentioned four things and they were prayer, scripture study, weekly Family Home Evening, and then going to the temple.  I love how simple it is, but how important and essential those 4 things are.  Something else I enjoyed was how he said that the challenges we have in life help us to become more like our Heavenly Father and that Christ's Atonement is to help us overcome those challenges. Pretty cool!

Sunday Afternoon Session w/ Sister Hansen :)

David A. Bednar also had a great talk!  He shared a story about how his two sons and how the younger son received a scratch on his arm while they were playing outside.  The older son then washed, put ointment on, and bandaged the younger son's arm and showed brotherly love and kindness.  After that, the younger son gathered up the materials and went out and did the same to his friends.  Elder Bednar related that to the Gospel and how when something helps us so much we just want to share it with others!  I love that analogy because it's so true!  No member who shares the Gospel with friends or family is compelled to do it by someone else or does it for personal gain....we do it because the Gospel is something that has helped us and healed us through our difficult times in life.  We share it because it is something that has brought us so much joy and happiness that we want everyone to be able to experience it too :)
I love this Gospel and I'm grateful that I can testify of its truthfulness every single day! I love you all!!
Sister Asay

Marissa a.k.a Sister McDaniel
Editor's Note:  Sister McDaniel served her mission in Dallas, Texas.  How blessed we are to know this wonderful sister and to see first hand the wonderful things she did here on her mission.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Miracle Sunday!

Hello everyone!!!
This week has been a crazy one and we have been so busy!  We sadly haven't had much time to be on the Square which was a total bummer because I really miss teaching.  I have been able to email some investigators and catch up with them, but I have really missed taking tours.  Yesterday, however, was a day full of blessings!!
First, Sister Hansen and I always open the Square in the morning and as we were doing so, we see people filing inside the Tabernacle for Music and the Spoken Word.  Sisters get to go once a transfer and we both had the thought, "We should go today".  It wasn't planned at all and we even weighed the decision of going the week after Conference, but we both felt that today was the day to go.  We finished unlocking the other buildings and went to the Tabernacle.  We decided to sit on the balcony and after a few minutes this group of four people came over and asked if the seats next to us were open.  We replied that they were and they sat down.  The girl next to me, turns out, has been debating about whether she should go on a mission or not.  She asked me a lot of questions and I shared my testimony with her about how much a mission has blessed my life and truly changed me and my testimony for the better.  It was a nice conversation and then the performance began.  Throughout the broadcast, this girl had tears strolling down her cheeks and had to wipe them away multiple times.  Afterwards, she gave me the biggest hug and said thank you.  We exchanged information and she is going to write me whenever she makes her decision :)  I felt so grateful that Sister Hansen and I listened to the small promptings of the Spirit so that we could help her. And THEN, once people started leaving, Sister Hansen and I noticed that Bonnie Oscarson was sitting in front of us!  She is the Young Women's General President and she gave us, and 4 other sisters, three hugs each!!  We took a picture with her and her daughter had us write down our parent's emails so that she could send it them. So cool, huh?? It was just the sweetest encounter and brightened our day even more!!  Also, one of the songs performed by the choir was "Oh what a beautiful morning" from Oklahoma and I totally teared up since Mom and I always watched that together.  Such a good morning!!! 

Music and the Spoken Word and meeting Sis. Bonnie Oscarson, General Young Women's President!

Then, Sister Hansen and I set up the Women's Broadcast video in one of the small theaters for the sisters who didn't get to see it Saturday night.  It was crazy because it was all figured out last minute and a few sisters weren't able to find exchanges since they had different assignments. To make it work, I went with Sister Occolier (who had a large group tour to take), Sister Hansen went with Sister Isaaksen (whose assignment was in West Gate), and then their trainees went together to the broadcast.  Ha, complicated, but I went on a Mandarin motorcoach which was so fun!!  And then after that, Sister Occolier and I took a tour of 3 guests around.  It was so fun being with my old companion again and what was even better was that I was finally able to be on the Square and teach!!!!!  I have missed it so much and the tour was just wonderful!!!  It went really well.  They didn't refer, but they were so interested and I know that sometime down the road that maybe they will want to :)  The whole experience just topped off my night and I felt so grateful!! 
Sister Hansen and I after the General Women's Broadcast :)

Blurry, but it was pouring rain and it looked like a waterfall was coming off the Tabernacle!!

Sunday was definitely tender mercy after tender mercy and I felt so blessed by my Heavenly Father!  I had been praying in my heart for more experiences to help people and to teach, and then what do ya know! Sunday was full of them!  I really know that as we do our part, or our assignment in this case, that we will be blessed.  It's tough for me being in an office for most of the day, but I know I am supposed to grow from it.  I have really enjoyed working in the office though.  It has been wonderful getting to know President better and having the opportunity to be part of a group that really focuses on the sisters needs and how we can improve the mission.  

We went to a baptism at the Swahili branch, sooo cool! And this girl was adorable!

I feel so blessed to wear my name tag that bears Christ's name and to testify of this wonderful Gospel.  Testifying is definitely one of my favorite things!  Being a missionary means so much to me and I'm happy I made the decision a year and a half ago to serve.  I know that Christ is my Savior, I know that answers come as we seek for them, and I know that God will never let us go astray as we clutch to His word.  God loves us so much and always wants to help each of His children.

I love you all!! Have a fabulous week! Don't forget to watch General Conference!!! :)

Sister Asay 

Editor's Note:  Visitors to the Square! 
Our wonderful nephew, Richie Asay, was sealed to his beautiful wife and children and the Asay fam were able to find Cousin Catherine!!  What a perfect sight to see these beautiful women!  I can't wait until January when we are all together again! 
Alisa, Rachiel, Sis. Hansen, & Aunt Lori! 

Pure happiness!!

Then, our dear friends the Woolston's, from our home ward who recently moved literally ran into Sis. Asay at the Square as they were trying to get out of the rain.  We love this sweet family!  Thanks for the pictures!

So fun to run into your YW president from your youth! :)

Way to represent Texas Matt with your Texas Rangers t-shirt!