Sunday, November 17, 2013

Amazing Experiences!

Hello everyone! 

We are teaching a man in Uganda and we committed him to baptism in the first lesson!! He gave a LDS couple from California a Gorilla tour in Africa (so cool, right?) and they shared the Gospel with him. He was so interested that he referred himself and now we are teaching him! :) He is getting a Book of Mormon this week so he can start reading!

Sister Walsh, Jones, and I gave this sweet elderly lady a tour of the North Visitor Center.  She was over 85 years old and needed Sister Jones and I to link arms with her to hold her up on either side as she walked.  It was the cutest thing ever and I loved it! We walked slowly and only went from the couch to the Temple Model and back.  She is a member and we just shared with each other how wonderful a blessing the temple is in our lives.  One of my favorite tours this week :) 
My wonderful companions!!

Almost every morning this past week, the Temple Square missionaries have been practicing for a Mission Fireside that we are putting on.  It's tomorrow night at 7:30 pm in the Assembly Hall for anyone who wants to come!  It's for members and non-members alike!  It will be pretty great. The sisters in this mission are so come and enjoy! :)

The pictures are of the first snow!! The Temple is beautiful during the winter time!

 I had an AMAZING experience yesterday! As Sacrament Meeting Coordinators, Sister Carvalho and I assigned ourselves to speak in a SLC ward yesterday since I hadn't had the opportunity to do so yet, but since Sister Carvalho is in a different mission, I prayed about which companion I should go with and chose Sister Jones to fill Carvalho's place.  The branch we went to was all women who live in a halfway house, who have each been to jail, and who are all now in the repentance process.  They come from all walks of life and are trying to turn things around. In total, there were 6 Temple Square sisters who went to speak and we were given the entire hour.  We each gave a talk and together we prepared a special musical number.  The different topics were Faith, Recognizing the Holy Ghost, Individual Worth, "We Never Walk Alone " (my talk), "Personal Strength Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ", and "We Can Do It Now!".  (The last 3 topics came from General Conference talks).
I spoke 4th right after the musical number, which was "Nearer My God to Thee", and here's the cool thing- all of us can sing alright, but none of us have super strong voices.  However, when we sang in front of those ladies I felt like there were at least 6 other sisters singing with us....we sounded SO good and I knew that it wasn't because of our own talent.  I knew Heavenly Father was helping us to touch the hearts of these women and it was all I could do to not tear up.  Everyone's talk went so wonderfully and every sister said something that was so inspired for the women listening. The Spirit was so strong and I think I choked up about 3 times in my own heart was so full.

Afterwards, we were able to talk to the women a bit and then go to Relief Society with them.  It was like being in a normal ward! Ah, it was so nice to talk to them and be a part of their Sunday!  This experience meant so much to me.  I could see the light in every one of their eyes and I know that Heavenly Father worked through and guided the sister missionaries to help share with them what they needed to hear.  The feeling of love that God has for these women was overwhelming and so powerful.  The Atonement is there for each of us and I feel so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve and share my testimony with them. That meeting was definitely one of the most spiritual experiences I had ever been in.

Whew! This week has flown by and we are working so hard on Temple Square!  It is so great having a trio because we all have something special to bring to our lessons and tours.  The other day Sister Jones started a conversation with a family, we talked for a bit, I had the prompting to ask if they wanted to see "God's Plan"- they hesitated but said yes, and after God's Plan, Sister Jones invited them to read the "Proclamation to the Family" together as a family the coming week.  This felt like a normal tour, but when we were saying bye, the mom came up to us and said "Thank you so much for taking us to see that!  It was perfect timing. Thank you so much for stopping us and talking to us".  It was after that we realized our different roles in helping this family.  Strength in numbers :)
Well, this week has been great! We have taught a lot of lessons and we are hoping to continue that!

Love you all!!

Sister Asay

Oh, I have a couple of funny stories too! :)
-A kid came up to all three of us, pointed at our flags, and said "English, English, English" and then walked away.  Haha, so random and true. All American flags in this companionship!
-Soo, I fell inside a car again...haha. After the sacrament meeting, we pulled into the garage back at Temple Square and as I was moving from the backseat to get out, my foot got stuck in this plastic wedge in between the two middle seats and I just slowly fell over like a tree. My hands were holding my stuff so I had nothing to stop my I just fell, haha.  The sisters who saw had a good laugh.  I think comic relief is my other purpose here at Temple Square... ;)

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