Friday, December 6, 2013


Hello, hello!

This week has been AMAZING!

First off, Thanksgiving! :) The whole mission took about 8 cars and one big bus and drove to a way cool venue in SLC that had 3 floors full of fun!!  We started off as a mission talking about Thanksgiving and then we were free to do as we please!  I played volleyball (well, walleyball) in one of the court rooms and Elder Frost (one of the senior couples) and President Seppi (in the mission presidency) played too!! They are both in their 70s and it was SO fun playing with them.  It was hilarious how competitive they got and one time Pres. Seppi spiked the ball so hard that it bounced off one wall to another and then hit Elder Frost in the face!  He was so surprised that he lost his balance and fell.  He was cracking up and so were we!! Hahaha. Oh man....I love those two. They are my mission fathers/ grandpas :)

My new companion, Sister Palmer! She is wonderful!

We ate a large, delicious meal and then Sister Christensen and I taught some line dances to all of the sisters!  I did a few of the EFY ones as well as others and it was a total blast!  President Seppi told me after that he had seen a whole other side of me that night and that I "had rhythm".   Next, we went up and made Christmas crafts and watched some of Monster's University.  After that, ice-skating!  They had a cute little rink on the 3rd floor! Ah, the best Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving Ice Skating

Look closely and you can see Sister Asay on the stage teaching line dancing.

A funny of the week:
We were assigned one of the desks in the South Visitor's center on Friday night and there was this little kid that was looking at "The Living Christ" and "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" (we have stacks of each sitting on the desks).  He was about 5 years old and I asked him which one he wanted.  He responded that he wanted both, so I said "Well, you can have both if you will read them with your family.  Will you do that?" He nodded and said yes.  I said, "Pinky promise?"  We pinky promised and he happily walked away with both of the papers!  I was smiling the entire conversation with him and it was so cute!  Oh, I love little kids!

Okay, this week- wow! So many awesome things have happened!  Christmas is amazing and there are thousands of people every night!!  It is seriously my favorite.  I love talking to everyone and sharing my testimony of Christ!  The nights fly by so fast that I can't even believe it when the night is over.  Annnd I have seen so many people who I know!  I saw Andrew (my brother), Daniel Manjarrez (basically my brother) and my two cousins, Rachiel and Alisa, on Saturday night when I was at the Christus!  Yep, I teared up when I saw them!! I was so happy! 

Editor's Note:  Thank you to the many wonderful visitors to Temple Square!  We appreciate the love and support you give to our dear, sweet Sister Asay and for the effort you give in trying to find her.  It isn't always easy!  She loves seeing family and friends! 

Julianna Brassfield - Dallas/College Friend

Penny and Jacob Barrus (One of Daniel's best friends.)

Cousin Rachiel, fresh home from her mission in Peru.  We love our two Sister Asays!

Andrew, the best big brother in the whole wide world!

The Thompson family from good ol' Dallas 9th Ward :)

More cousins!!  Scott, Amy & Scout!!

Also, Sister Palmer and I have been teaching so many lessons, giving great tours, and we have some new investigators!  Ah, the Spirit has been so strong this whole week and we have been guided so many times to talk to certain people! I will share a specific experience:

Sister Palmer and I were covering an assignment for some sisters at Map Desk in the North Visitor's Center and we were talking to a family.  Then this guy walked in and I always have a goal to say hi to everyone who walks in so I said hello and had a small conversation and then he continued on his way.  Sister P and I finished helping the family with their questions and I walked over to the side of the desk and looked around and saw the same guy sitting on a nearby couch.  I had the feeling to go talk to him, but I don't always like talking to guys my age (haha, it can be weird sometimes), so I just brushed it off.  But then the feeling came again and it was even stronger this time!  So I went over and started a conversation. I'm going to call him Sam for privacy sake, but turns out he isn't a member of the church (I thought he was), and also that he loves the Mormon Church.  He has been thinking about being baptized, but said that he has made a lot of wrong choices in his life.  We had a great conversation about the Atonement and that he can have those burdens lifted by repenting and that he can become completely clean through baptism.

He also shared with me that he was on his daily run right before this and had the prompting to come to Temple Square.  He was nervous about coming since he hadn't been here in a while and felt weighed down from his past, but knew that he should come inside. That's when I told him how I had the prompting to talk to him and I testified that God was aware of him and that Heavenly Father sees his divine potential and knows all that he can become.  He told me I was going to make him start crying, but that he was so happy with all that I had shared with him. He gave me his number to set up a time for him to come to Temple Square again so I can teach him.  And guess what?? He wants to come one day every week to talk! He is trying so hard to be better and have the Spirit more abundant in his life and I am looking forward to helping him.  Such a cool experience! The Spirit was seriously so strong as we talked for those 20 minutes.  I was surprised at how bold I was with him and it was after that conversation when I really realized the growth that has been happening to me over the past 4 months. I know the Lord qualifies us for his works and I feel like I finally have my feet under me.  I love missionary work and the happiness and change that I get to see in people as they strive to live the Gospel!

Also, Sister Palmer and I are working great together!  We teach in balance and we both have our important role in the missionary work that we do each day.  She is wonderful at listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and making that initial contact with people.  She said that she is grateful I'm her companion because I always invite them to stay in touch with us so that we can continue to talk to them about the Gospel and answer their questions. I have felt the Spirit so much this week and I know that as I trust in the Lord I will always be guided!!  I feel like I have been on a spiritual high all week. I feel so blessed and grateful that I can be here and do the will of Heavenly Father!  

Let it snow!!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Holiday season!! Christmas is a time to remember Christ and the true meaning of Christmas. 

Love you all!

Sister Asay

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