Thursday, June 19, 2014

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Hello there!!
So many great things have happened this week! First, I met Elder L. Tom Perry!!! Can you believe it?!? We were just walking to Temple Square and I saw this man crossing the street towards us, and from far away I could already tell he looked familiar to me.  Then, as he got closer it totally dawned on us who it was!!  He was SO nice and shook our hands.  I asked him how his day was going and he said that it had been good and that he had been busy "vacuuming and cleaning the house".  He said his wife had enough work to do.  I thought, "Well gosh, I'm sure YOU have enough work to do". Haha. What a great husband to his wife!
Last Friday we took a youth group from St. George around Temple Square for a part of their youth conference.  It was so great!  It totally reminded me of EFY and how much I LOVE teaching youth!!  We went to three different spots and the last spot we took them to was a small movie room to watch a video about the Holy Ghost and how we need to "tune in" to the channel of the Spirit.  It was really cool and Sister Occolier and I bore our testimonies.  I really felt the Spirit working through me to share what they needed to hear.  It's always so fulfilling when that happens...knowing that they are hearing what they need to hear since the Spirit is in control. 
After going to the Temple last week! Kneaders for breakfast :)

Also, we took a motor coach with Korean tourists (30 + group tour) but in English!  Sister Ha is the only Korean we have since Sister Lee had to go home for health reasons, and Sister Ha wasn't available at the time of the tour. So, Sister Occolier and I and two other sisters took it.  The Koreans knew some English, but not a ton so hopefully they were able to understand! They were all so nice though and we hope they were able to feel the Spirit! Such a funny situation!
I had a really cool experience a few days ago!  We had desk assignment in the South Visitor's Center and Sister Occolier was talking to two French guys about the Book of Mormon.  I saw this couple come around the corner and the guy saw Sister Occolier (and her French flag on her name tag) and they both sat down on the bench nearby.  I figured he was probably a returned missionary from France or something and wanted to brush up on the language.  I felt I should go over to them, but I wasn't sure what for.  I waited a few seconds, and then walked over there.  I asked the guy if he spoke French and once he said yes, the two that Sister Occolier was talking to turned around and included him in the conversation.  So I stood there and then walked around him and sat down next to the girl.  We started talking and turns out she was an EFY counselor so we obviously talked about that :) haha.  And then I asked her a question and it opened up her story!  It's actually a story very similar to that of my parents about a member dating a non-member, wanting to be married in the temple, breaking up, the Spirit touching the other's heart, getting back together, choosing to be baptized, marriage in the temple, and so forth :).  But the only difference between my parents and the girl and her boyfriend (not the guy she was with, they were just friends) was that they were at the break-up part and the girl was super confused about everything.  It was really cool to be able to give her advice from the story of my own parents.  We talked about her boy a lot and where he was on the path of learning about the Gospel and also committing to it.  It was really interesting and I asked her if it would be okay if I called him to talk and see how he was and help him progress. She really liked the idea and gave me his number. There is a bit more to the story than this, we talked for over half an hour, but it was just so cool to be able to help her and give her hope!  She gave me a hug and she is 6'1 so it reminded me of hugging Brookie! So I said, "Aw, it reminds me of hugging my best friend....can I hug you again?" Haha. But I'm grateful that I had the impression to walk over to them and figure out why I needed to talk to them. I plan on calling the boyfriend tomorrow so we will see how it all goes! :) 
Music & the Spoken Word!

And the guy we are teaching in Haiti is so close to baptism! He is SO eager and it is so cool to hear his testimony of the Gospel! He would have been baptized already if it was his choice, but turns out he was going to the wrong ward and was being taught by the wrong local missionaries.  He met the missionaries that were for his area this past week and he told them he wanted to be baptized, but the locals said that they still needed to teach him the lessons (even though we have already taught almost all of them) so he set it up so that the missionaries would come by FOUR times this week to teach him.  He is the best! It's been so cool to see his desire and testimony grow so much within the past few weeks :) He is so ready and excited to be a member of Christ's restored Church!
Well, I love you all! Another busy week ahead!! Have a great week :)
Sister Asay

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  1. Can you tell me how to get in contact with sister bondare? she was my missionary but i vanshied for a month and now she is not in salt lake city what happened how can i right her?