Thursday, June 19, 2014

I have been called to serve ....


I have been called to serve in the Montana Billings Mission!! Wooo!!! I am going Outbound!!!! And I leave next week! Not sure what day exactly....but this will probably be my last preparation day for 2 weeks. I was totally expecting to go to Washington or something, so I was surprised, but I heard Montana is absolutely beautiful!! And that the Billings Mission is AWESOME from what the other T-Square sisters that have served there have said! I'm so excited! :) It is kinda sad though to leave since I have to say bye to investigators, but I will transfer them to other sisters who will take good care of them.  There were also a few tears when I told Jerrica.  She has such a strong testimony now!  I know she will continue to grow and shine :)  

Twinning on T-square! Again, not on purpose :)

We have had some great tours this week! One with an awesome French family who was hilarious! It was parents with their three sons and they all really enjoyed what we had to share! At the various spots, we talked about temples, forever families, living prophets, Jesus Christ, and then played the God's Plan for Families video.  They loved it all and agreed with everything! We invited for local missionaries, but they didn't accept. We then asked to stay in touch and they gave us their email.  It was such a great tour, but it was a little hard for Sister Occolier that they didn't want to meet with the missionaries and continue learning back in France.  I did my best to give advice and share that we did our part and explaining that we are here to share the Gospel and invite people, but that sometimes they need more time than others, especially since this family had never heard of the Gospel before until coming to Temple Square.  This experience also reminded me of something my District Leader said "The key to happiness: Do what the Lord wants you to do and don't worry about the rest".  I love this! It can apply to so many things! But I think it's especially important to remember in missionary work because everyone has their agency to choose, but that as we do our part we can feel peace and be assured that we fulfilled our purpose as missionaries :)

Waiting for the other sisters in the Walmart parking lot.  I made her take a picture with me! #compys
This week has been a whirlwind! But something I enjoyed was working with the youth! There was a Youth Conference last week and we played the video "Come Unto Christ". It was the first time I had seen it and it totally made me cry! I really loved the message that it shared- that we can all overcome trials or uncertainty with the love and help of our Savior. It made me reflect on moments in my life where I really needed comfort and I turned to prayer.  Sincere prayer is so powerful. I have a strong testimony that whatever we have been through or whatever trials we have experienced, that Christ has been through it all.  And I know that He is there to comfort us.  I want to invite you all to reflect on your relationship with Christ and then do something this week to strengthen that relationship even more! Something like consistent prayer, scripture study, serving someone else, etc. Anything that you feel inspired to do, but I know that you can do it!! And I promise you will see a difference and feel more peace and joy in your life :)
I love you all! Thank you for your support and prayers! You're the best!!
Sister Asay

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