Friday, March 21, 2014


Howdy y'all!!

It's been another great week of calling investigators, taking tours on the Square, taking tours in the Beehive House, testifying and inviting others to come closer to Christ, and solidifying my testimony of the truthfulness of this Gospel!!

This week's weather has also been super crazy!  Yesterday, the wind was blowing so hard that it would push me as I walked or move my foot as I was taking a step.  I was ready to grab Sister Lopez, the little pixie that she is, in case she flew away ;)

One afternoon, Sister Lopez and I were walking to the Teaching Center and when we walked into the North Visitor's Center.  The sisters at the desk asked if we could play the Christus narration for the gentleman next to them.  We were happy to do so and walked with the man up the ramp.  Turns out he was a bishop from Cedar City and had a huge group of youth from his stake upstairs waiting to hear the Christus.  He then asked if we could play it and afterwards share our testimonies.  I said "of course! Sound great!"  We got to the top and there were over 50 youth in the room plus other families or individuals that were visiting Temple Square.  My companions eyes became HUGE!  We started the Christus, and as it was playing, I explained to her that we will go to the center of the room, share our testimonies, and for her to talk loud.  She is so sweet because she nodded and said "okay" in a determined way.  I comforted her that she would do great and that it's fun!  Once the narration finished, we walked into the center and I shared my testimony.  I had said a little prayer in my heart before walking out that we could both meet the needs of those who were listening, and as we spoke the Spirit was definitely guiding both of us!  I felt our testimonies went so well together and that the youth were truly listening.  It is always a bit daunting to testify to such a large group of people, but I had done it before, at Christmastime, so it wasn't that nerve-wracking for me, but I was so proud of Sister Lopez for doing it!!  She didn't hesitate at all!  It's wonderful to watch someone grow so much!

My compy and I!

Our awesome District!!

Why is the title of this email "blind-folded"??  Well! Sister Bailey, my District Leader, had us do an activity for the last 15 minutes of our District Meeting.  We had to bring 2 scarves per companionship and one was for the senior companion, to cover their eyes, and the other was to tie the companionship's ankles together.  Earlier in DM, we had a lesson/conversation about companions, being united, and trusting each other and this was a way to learn how to do that!   I was blind-folded and Sister Lopez had to lead me.  We were all in a long line with Sister Diaz (guiding Sister Bailey) leading the way.  We walked in between rows of chairs, down the hallway, into the kitchen, and back.  It was so interesting because I really had to learn to rely on my companion.  There was a point half-way where I was kind of nervous because I didn't know where I was anymore and I didn't want to run into a wall. I started reaching my hand out to try and feel, but didn't feel anything.  I then realized that Sister Lopez had led me this far without me hitting or running into anything and that I needed to trust her.  We continued the rest of the way and guess what?  I never smacked my face once!   After it was over, we all sat down and discussed what we learned.  I shared that I realized I needed to trust my companion and know that she was watching out for me.  This was something that, as a trainer, was important for me to learn because it can be hard to trust someone who hasn't had as much experience.  I have always known Sister Lopez was capable, but my trust in her is growing daily as I keep giving her more opportunities to grow.  Also, something else I thought about was how this activity reminded me of our Heavenly Father and His love for us.  He is there to lead and guide us, but we have to trust Him!  There might be obstacles (chairs, closed doors, people), but that as we remain faithful and stay true to our Heavenly Father (holding on to my companion) we will be blessed.  There are many times where we may be walking blindly in life feeling like there is no one there to help us, but as we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ we will know our path and feel the surety of our decisions from the comfort and peace of the Holy Ghost. :)

The kitchen - My scarf kept falling down, haha so I was trying to fix it.

The end!

It has been a great week and I love you all!!

Sister Asay :)

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