Monday, April 21, 2014

The sun keeps shining! :)

I am having a hard time remembering all that has happened this week, but I will do my best!!  Something funny that happened though was when Sister Lopez and I were at desk assignment and I started talking to these two ladies from England.  One had just turned 70 and they were doing a girls trip across America.  We started talking about SLC and how clean it was and the 70 year old exclaimed, "Yeah, it's SO clean!  Makes me want to do graffitti".  I just started laughing and told her what a rebel she was.  They both started cracking up and her friend told me to keep an eye on her. Haha. This is going down in my journal. 

We didn't take many pictures this week, so when I got a package from my mom today we took a few! Haha.

Happy Easter from my family!

I am teaching a girl who is less- active and I have mentioned her before.  She is someone who I met at the beginning of my mission and then we lost contact for a while and then I have been teaching her again the past few months.  We have really been trying to help her and have been extending different commitments, like praying daily for one week, and then adding daily scripture study to that the next week, and then adding fasting for one day to both of those the next week, etc.  She has struggled with drug addiction and it is so amazing to see how these little challenges have changed her life!!  Her cravings have gone from a 10 to 1 and the light within her just shines!  She always tells us how grateful she is to us, but the credit goes to the Gospel and our Heavenly Father!  I know for a fact that this Gospel changes people for the better and that it can bring true light and joy to our lives.  And this situation is an example of that!

One day after leaving our apartment for dinner, we walked across the Conference Center area to go to the Square and saw this one lady sitting by herself.  I walked over to her and asked how she was.  Turns out she was struggling with things in her life and just needed to look at the temple.  I shared words of encouragement and tried to help her as best as I could.  I then tried to think of a scripture to share, but none came to mind.  So I wished her a good day, said everything would be okay, and we continued to the Square.  It was a few minutes of walking when a scripture popped into my mind and I knew we had to share it with her!  So Sister Lopez and I turned around and saw the lady walking to her car, so we started running! But we caught up to her before she left and I shared part of Alma 36:3 with her.  "...I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."  The lady got emotional and said that this meant a lot to her and that she was so grateful to us for coming back.  

After this experience, I had wondered why the scripture didn't come to my mind sooner.  And it was a few days later when I realized that having us run back to catch up with her and share a scripture probably meant a lot more to her than if we had just shared it with her on the spot.  How it happened showed her that someone really did care, and missionaries nonetheless who are Christ's representatives.  Christ couldn't be there to run back and give her encouragement, but I'm glad Sister Lopez and I could be.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week! Do your best to notice little helping opportunities all around you!

Love you all!

Sister Asay

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