Monday, April 28, 2014

Fever Mania!

Well.....this week has been pretty uneventful besides the fact that I was in bed with a 101 degree fever, give or take, for 4 days.  And then still had the last bit of the virus for the next 3 days. So yeah, a WHOLE WEEK I've been sick.  When does that ever happen???  Apparently a bug has been going around the mission and a bunch of sisters have it.  Thankfully though I am better now and continuing to get back to my normal health!  :)

Me with my two baggies of goodies, ha.  (Ibuprofen and cough drops in one and Gatorade powder in the other.)

Happy and smiling because I was feeling better! :)

                Something cool from this experience though was on the 4th day of having a fever, I decided I needed a priesthood blessing.  I texted Elder Frost and we set a time for me to come to the Square.....yikes right? Haha. I was looking pretty rough.

The blessing he gave me was so wonderful!  He touched on other things in my life that I needed to hear and there were multiple times throughout it that I teared up.  I could feel the love that God had for me and how proud He was of my missionary efforts thus far.  It was such an amazing feeling.  Elder Frost also blessed me that I would heal quickly.....and do you know what? Just a few hours later, and my fever was gone!! Gone! Hallelujah!  I still had a bad cough until the evening, but then at night it finally stopped and I could sleep.  I was so incredibly grateful for that.  I still get tired pretty easily these past few days after the blessing, but I have been continually getting better.  Heck yes to progress!

The beautiful temple that I love so much!!

I also went to the Teaching Center for the first time all week last night with my companion and it was awesome!!  We had 4 lessons in less than 2 hours and I realized, once again, how much I LOVE teaching the Gospel!  I had called one guy named Colton who I met at Conference and it was great talking to him!  He has gone to the LDS church every now and then ever since he was in middle school.  He is very prepared and loves the Church so much already!  I just need to teach him the missionary discussions and get the local missionaries involved!  And then we had a chat with a guy named James who also really wants to learn, but I'm still trying to see how sincere he is.  I have gotten pretty hesitant with chats, even though I've seen 3 baptisms by meeting people from chat.  He seems pretty legit and I'm excited to keep teaching him!  The other 2 lessons were Spanish ones so I couldn't tell you too much about those besides their names and the basic principles that were taught.  It was a wonderful night and I loved seeing just how happy missionary work makes me! :)

Cheesin in the sunshine!

Well, I think that's about it for now! I love you all!

Sister Asay

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