Monday, July 21, 2014

First Week of the Transfer

Hello!! This week has been a great one! We have still been pretty busy with contacting referrals and introducing ourselves to people who are in our area book. 

Cherry picking with the Howards!! Sooo cool!

We had a cool experience last night because our plans for the person we were going to visit fell through and I felt we should go see a lady named *Joan. She was in our plans, but not until later that evening, but we decided to go over and it turns out her member son and daughter-in-law were there!  They were visiting from Ohio and it was such a blessing to have them there because they helped to break the ice and get a feel for the situation.  We talked about different aspects of the Gospel and were able to bond with all of them!  It's really good we saw them early because our whole conversation lasted almost 2 hours!  We talked about a ton of things since she didn't grow up with a belief in God. We talked about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how they go together, the priesthood, and faith.  Sister Bonn and I can't wait to go back over there and teach the Restoration! We touched on it, of course, while talking about the Priesthood, but I can't wait to help her see how it all ties together!  I love teaching the Restoration :) My dad (and also Preach My Gospel) has told me that that's the unique message we have to share and ever since then I have always tried to teach it as soon as possible. We truly are Christ's full church restored on the earth today and I love teaching about how and why! 

Also, two of the less actives we visited this past week were at church yesterday!!  That was so great to see!  That was my first time experiencing people I invited to go to church there! Usually we just call and follow-up on the phone with our investigators at Temple Square, so this was pretty cool! 

The Bishop's bird, haha. We became friends before dinner or at least I became his friend...not sure about the other way around.

What's funny is that I was missing Temple Square a little bit this week!  I miss the hustle bustle there as crazy as that sounds!  I love the "go, go, go" of Temple Square and how there is ALWAYS teaching going on. But then again, I LOVE my experiences out here! I am really enjoying seeing the differences among missions and noticing how wonderful missionary work is- no matter what way it's done!  Gotta love the Lord's work :)

Something that has been on my mind lately is how there are many different churches in the world, and how one church can be completely different in different parts of the country, but how ours is still the same teaching the same principles and doctrine.  In Sunday School, we were talking about unity and I shared an analogy from Alma 50.  In this chapter it talks about Moroni, who is captain over all of the Nephites, and how he fortified the cities against the Lamanites (their enemy) with ditches, towers, pickets, etc. to be prepared for when they attacked. Moroni was a leader and a man of God who had received the wisdom to do these fortifications that were ahead of their time, and, since he did this, the Nephites were able to be unified and the Lamanites couldn't overtake them. 

While reading this chapter, I thought about how we have a similar "unity" situation with our living prophet today who leads us and guides us.  He receives direction from God for us and helps us to know how to follow Christ and live full and happy lives. If you think about it, Christ's church wouldn't have swaying doctrine.  I know that God called prophets in ancient times and I also know that since God is "the same yesterday, today, and forever" that He would still call a prophet today. 

I just love how I can meet members or missionaries from all corners of the world and how we can discuss the Gospel together and see that all of the same principles are taught in every church building across the globe! Pretty cool, right?? :) 

Got some Naps! A pretty well-known food place here. :)

Well anyway, it's been a wonderful week and I really love this ward.  The members are down to earth and Sister Bonn and I are working hard!  

Love you all!! :)

 Sister Asay

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