Monday, July 21, 2014

Good 'Ole Hamilton

Editor's Note:  It is a double post this week to make up for missing last week.  It has been a busy time trying to get Catherine's little brother ready for his mission.  :)

Hello, hello!!

This week has gone by so fast!  We had Zone Conference last Tuesday and Sister Bonn and I had to speak in front of 3 zones (so like 50 people) for 45 minutes! Ahh! Talk about nerve wracking...but it actually went really well! And the Zone Conference overall was uplifting and just great!  Then Wednesday we had Mission Leadership Council...which is where all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders meet with President and discuss the mission, things we should work on, change, etc. It was really cool to be there and I feel more prepared for the future exchanges I'll go on with the sisters in our zone! 

Sister Bonn & Sister Moline (who is from Dallas) at Zone Conference!!

Then the rest of the week we played "catch up".  We met with a lot of people and had a good number of lessons! One cool thing that happened was when Sister Bonn and I drove to introduce ourselves to a part member family, but they ended up not being home.  We then slowly drove by the house next door to turn around and saw this of course we stopped to pet it! That's when the family in front of the next door house noticed us. We waved and it turned out that it was their cat.  After another minute or two, we decided to leave, but I felt that we should walk over to the family and introduce ourselves. After chatting with them, we found out that the lady had moved here a month ago and was a less-active member. We had no record of her at all. Crazy.  And she was willing to have us stop by next weekend!  Kinda cool how things work out right? We never would have stumbled into her if it wasn't for our love of pets, haha. Heck yes for animals!

Then, on Saturday, there was a baptism in our zone and the night before I prayed to know who we should invite to go.  The names of Jaime and Ed came to my mind.  I talked to Sister Bonn about it and then Saturday morning we called them and left a voice mail.  That night they didn't show to the baptism sadly, but the cool thing was that the next day at church they were there!! We were so excited, haha. It was interesting to see how acting on the answer to my prayer didn't bring forth what I thought would happen...but that it turned out to be something even better!  I just love those two and it was so great to see them there at church :)

We visited a family and the little girl gave me fake flowers, haha. tender.

A girl named Antara came to church as well for the second time and she is now one of our progressing investigators! She comes from an Indian background and is so solid! She already gives answers to questions in Young Women class! She's so great!

Last night we stopped by the house of a guy named Joel. He grew up in the church, but has had a hard life and hadn't been to church for a while.  He has such a solid testimony though and we could see that in his face when talking to him.  After getting to know him a bit, we shared the "Because of Him" video which is about Christ and the hope that comes from what He did for us.  I looked up at Joel at the end of the video and he had tears streaming down his face.  He then looked at us and softly said, "I'll meet with you again, I suppose" and walked into his home.  Ah, my heart.  I already have so much love for that man!  I could tell from his response that he knows and has a testimony of Christ and what He did for him. I'm looking forward to meeting with Joel again.

And here is a link to the video if anyone wants to watch it.

I know that because of what Jesus Christ did, "death has no sting, and the grave has no victory".  I know that I can constantly receive clean slates and new beginnings.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer.  He saves us from death and redeems us from sin.  I have seen the growth in my own personal testimony that He suffered for each of us and that He lives again.  As we strive to get to know Christ through church attendance, daily scripture study, and daily prayer, we will always gain that witness for ourselves that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. 

On our way to Mission Leadership Council! It's a 3 hour drive to Helena....woo! Definitely made for a long day!

I love you all!! Good things are happening in Hamilton and I'm so happy to be here for it! 

Sister Asay

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