Thursday, September 4, 2014

An Experience I'll Never Forget!


This week has been hectic! But awesome!! I mentioned in my last email that we were going to Billings for MLC and the Elders were initially going to drive, but their truck had issues so Sister Bonn and I drove instead. I drove the first 4 hours to Helena where there was going to be a van waiting for all of us and that van would then take us to Billings. But since we had car issues, we were late....soooo the van left us, haha. We ended up driving the WHOLE way to Billings! Sister Bonn drove the last half and we ended up passing the vans because they were driving so slow, haha. (We weren't speeding, don't worry).  The meetings were so great!  We had discussions during the first day about Finding, Teaching Skills, and Planning.  I loved it!!  It was great to go over the fundamentals and to focus on things that we wanted to apply in our zones.  Then, President Mecham addressed us about preparing for the Temple and purifying ourselves for that.  Purifying as in getting rid of music, books, clothes that aren't missionary approved and also being spiritually purified and focused on our Savior.  For dinner we went to Golden Corral....yum!  All you can eat!  Haha. 

Driving to Billings! 8 hours of playing I Spy.

Then, we had a testimony meeting, and I was asked to go first since I was leaving. I was pretty nervous beforehand because I didn't even find out I was speaking until that day, but then once the time came, peace filled my heart. I went up to the front and bore my testimony of this work and the truthfulness of the Gospel.  I shared how grateful I was to be able to serve in Hamilton and in the Montana Billings Mission. I got a little emotional...and it hit me how much I just loved this experience of serving in Montana!  I already knew I enjoyed it and was grateful for the experience, but talking about leaving just made it more real.  After I sat down, others got up and shared their testimonies. It was one of the best testimony meetings I have ever been in and I'll explain why....

Previous to the testimony meeting, President Mecham shared an experience when he was a missionary in Scotland.  Elder Monson, at the time, had flown in to speak at the Stake Conference that was occurring that weekend.  He had heard about a beloved patriarch who was very ill and wasn't getting better.  He had the option to go to the patriarch and give him a blessing or go to the stake conference and speak there.  He chose to speak at the Stake Conference, and when he got up to speak he noticed the question on the faces of the congregation as to why he didn't choose to give the blessing to the patriarch instead.  Elder Monson shared that he had the faith to heal their patriarch, but that "it's not my faith that counts, it's yours".  President Mecham then quoted Elder Monson and said, "If you have that faith, I invite you to stand".  President Mecham started to walk away to sit next to his wife, and at that moment I began to contemplate on what he had just said. Did I have the faith to heal someone? Then, all of a sudden I heard a missionary in the back stand up. And then, like a ripple effect, every single one of us stood up.  The feeling that I felt was indescribable. Tears came to my eyes and I could feel the clear presence of Spirit of the Holy Ghost in the room.  All 50 of us stood up together and were united in our faith and, in that moment, my own faith was strengthened.  This was an experience that I will never forget, and I know that the testimony meeting held afterward was a blessing for all of us. We were able to share our testimonies and the love we have for this Gospel and our Savior and what it's meant to us.  We were edified by each other and uplifted by the Spirit throughout the entire evening. Once again, it was one of the best testimony meetings I have ever been a part of.   

This Gospel is true and I know it with all of my heart! I'm so grateful for the opportunities we have each day to stand together in what we believe. 

I love you all!!! Have a fabulous week :)

Sister Asay

Is your mama a llama?

This rabbit was HUGE!!

The last two pics are from the Hamilton fair! We stopped by on Friday and passed out some pass along cards, pamphlets, and had a few good discussions with people. And we ran into a ton of people from our ward and Brother Hawkes bought us dinner! It was funny because we walked by a stand for pulled pork sandwiches and we were like "oh it looks so good, but it's a bit expensive" and then that's what he bought us! #blessings :) 

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