Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Joy is Contagious!

Hello everyone!! 

So this week has been another good one! We met with the Crafts and Kyle and it was so much fun! They are a super chill group and we get along great! When we first got to their home, they were all playing ping pong so we joined in!  Sister Bonn and I were a little hesitant since we haven't played for a while, but we ended up schooling Kyle and Brother Craft. Haha. Just building our companionship unity :) Then we had dinner and shared our lesson about the Plan of Salvation.  It went great and the Spirit was definitely there!  He just loves everything we teach! And we invited him to come to church on Sunday and he came!!  He sat with us at church and he calls us "the angels".   After church was over, he told us how he felt the Spirit throughout the meetings and that he "felt truth being spoken".  He loves the ward and everyone was so kind and welcoming!  He plans on coming back next Sunday and bringing the Crafts with him :) 

Haha they call themselves "the awkward elders". They are hilarious!

We had another wonderful lesson with Ed, Jamie, and Cameron! They had us over for dinner and then we taught the Restoration!  We covered so much because Cameron had some great questions! It was just awesome! Cameron is going to pray about baptism this week and we will follow up with him to see how it went! They all come to church every Sunday and I just love them so much! They are awesome people and they just want to do what's right and follow Christ :) 

Sister Hoag! Love her! It was transfers last week so these are goodbye pics.

Well, I am running out of time. We have to drive up to Billings today for a Mission Leadership Council Seminar. It's going to be 2 days long....super legit! Oh! And I found out yesterday that I will be able to go to the Temple in Montana next week! That was my wish for Outbound!  I miss the Temple so much! It's such a sacred and beautiful place. I love the peace that I feel inside and how all my worries seem to fade away. It truly is the House of the Lord and a little piece of heaven on earth :) 

Quick hospital trip but all is well! Made sure to still rep the name tag. Haha

I'm so grateful for this Gospel in my life and that I'm able to share it as a full-time missionary. It is true joy being able to see the change and the light in people! Antara and Katelyn just glow and have a greater happiness about them.  And I love seeing, when we teach, how it all just clicks with Kyle and how excited about the Gospel he gets! That joy is so contagious! Can't help but have a smile on my face :) 

I love you all!! Have a fabulous day!!

Sister Asay :)

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