Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Hello everyone!! Wow, so much has happened this week that it's hard for me even to remember!

However, one thing I will for sure never forget is when Sister Hansen and I had Tabernacle assignment this past Tuesday and in walks President Utchdorf! Yep!!  He walked in and since it was pretty bright with the sunlight shining in from the open door that it was hard for me to see him so I probably had a face of confusion/surprise as I was trying to figure out if it was really him.  He smiled and said, "Well, hello sister!" Haha.  And he shook my hand and then Sister Hansen's.  We had a nice one minute conversation with him and then he continued taking his friends from Germany on a tour.  So cool!!  My dream literally came true.  I obviously think it would be cool to meet all of the apostles, but I had always wanted to meet President Utchdorf in particular! And it happened! :) 
Heather & Kayla!!  Texas girls!
The Masses!
Conference was wonderful this weekend!!!  Definitely a hustle and bustle of over 100,000 people, but I loved every second of it! Especially since it is my last Conference as a missionary.  I was able to go to the Sunday Afternoon session of Conference and I loved every single speaker!! I loved Richard G. Scott's talk about what we can do to actively exercise our faith and stay on the path.  He mentioned four things and they were prayer, scripture study, weekly Family Home Evening, and then going to the temple.  I love how simple it is, but how important and essential those 4 things are.  Something else I enjoyed was how he said that the challenges we have in life help us to become more like our Heavenly Father and that Christ's Atonement is to help us overcome those challenges. Pretty cool!

Sunday Afternoon Session w/ Sister Hansen :)

David A. Bednar also had a great talk!  He shared a story about how his two sons and how the younger son received a scratch on his arm while they were playing outside.  The older son then washed, put ointment on, and bandaged the younger son's arm and showed brotherly love and kindness.  After that, the younger son gathered up the materials and went out and did the same to his friends.  Elder Bednar related that to the Gospel and how when something helps us so much we just want to share it with others!  I love that analogy because it's so true!  No member who shares the Gospel with friends or family is compelled to do it by someone else or does it for personal gain....we do it because the Gospel is something that has helped us and healed us through our difficult times in life.  We share it because it is something that has brought us so much joy and happiness that we want everyone to be able to experience it too :)
I love this Gospel and I'm grateful that I can testify of its truthfulness every single day! I love you all!!
Sister Asay

Marissa a.k.a Sister McDaniel
Editor's Note:  Sister McDaniel served her mission in Dallas, Texas.  How blessed we are to know this wonderful sister and to see first hand the wonderful things she did here on her mission.

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