Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Blind Date

Hi everyone!!!!
A funny first:

Last Thursday, Sister Ferguson and I gave Christmas Training to the mission. To break the ice and have a fun intro, we played a little Christmas video. Here is the link! We showed President beforehand, for permission, and he got quite a laugh out of it and requested a copy. Haha. Um, enjoy! "With love from the Office!" (the other sisters in it are the AP's, they had no idea beforehand that they were in this video, haha).

Okay, so I titled this "The Blind Date" because we took a blind couple around the Square and they were on a date together! Pretty cool, really! The lady was a less active member and the man had no belief in God. We first took them to the Christus statue so that they could feel the nail prints in Christ's feet, then to the Tabernacle where we talked about prophets and had them listen to the Pin Drop, then lastly to the Temple Grounds so that they could touch the Temple. They had their walking sticks which were handy when going to different places and we also had them follow our voices or at certain spots we would say "take a sharp left" or "veer right". It was kinda funny because we all kept tripping over each other and the sticks,but at the end we were really able to share our testimonies with the man, Jim. He has the belief that God is not a merciful God and that He will throw in trials just because. We testified that God is Loving and wants the best for us. We committed him to pray and he wasn't keen on that, so we committed him to think about prayer and we testified of the blessings and peace that comes from it. It was like a 15 minute conversation at the end just about God's love and hearing Jim's thoughts. Overall, it was a good tour and quite the experience!

We also have met with Frank again and he is still keeping the Word of Wisdom and is on track to getting a home and hopefully a job! We also called Neuman last week and taught the Restoration. He totally believes that God could call a prophet again, but is unsure about reading the Book of Mormon.  He read some of it two years ago and isn't sure if he wants to read it again since he is already on a good, Christ-like path. We explained that reading the Book of Mormon would only increase the amount of love and peace he feels every day and that if he is already living a Christ-like life then there wouldn't be any drastic changes he would be making. We ended up inviting him to pray about if he should read the Book of Mormon and he agreed and said he knew that God would answer him. He told us that he had prayed about our conversation when we met a week ago and that that's why he picked up our phone call. Pretty cool! We have an appointment this week with him as well and hopefully things will work out!
Also, Paul who we met a few weeks ago is still progressing! We actually extended him a baptismal date today and he accepted! He is super prepared and went to church yesterday! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and knows that this Church is Christ's restored church, but his only worry is his wife because she is pretty negative about Mormons. He hopes to share what he is learning with her and he actually gave us her number! She seems pretty against it all from what he says, but maybe we can make a connection with her.  He is so golden though and is meeting with local missionaries tomorrow! Woohoo! :)
I am working on my Departing Talk for next Sunday (my topic is Gratitude) and I LOVE this paragraph from Elder Utchdorf:

"Being grateful in our circumstances is an act of faith in God. It requires that we trust God and hope for things we may not see but which are true. By being grateful, we follow the example of our beloved Savior, who said, 'Not my will, but thine, be done.'”
Let's have faith and be grateful every single day! I love you all!! :)

Sister Asay
Our Class Picture!!  We are standing with our MTC companion! :)
"I love to see the Temple!"

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