Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hi everyone!!!!
For the past three days, Sister Hansen and I have been in the office from about 7am-9pm working on schedules for the upcoming transfer.  There is so much that goes into it.... I seriously never knew!!  I figured it would be complicated, but there is just so many things!  Like getting all of the sister's Teaching Center needs and putting them in their schedules, putting in assignments like tabernacle, assembly hall, the three different desks, and opening/closing the Joseph Smith movie, etc.  The tough part is going through all of the schedules and seeing who can do what at what time and trying to spread it out equally. Then going through and putting the TC times in a template for the purpose of us making sure that there are enough phones/computers for every sister that would be in there. Annnd there's lots of other stuff, but this explanation is getting long.....haha. 
Sister Lopez is going Outbound to the New York Unica Mission! I maybe bawled.  I am so proud of the missionary she has become!!

There have been some awesome things from earlier this week!!  I love that when Sister Hansen and I are in TC or on the Square that we are super effective!  The other night we were in the Teaching Center and we were able to contact so many of our investigators!  It was great! There were some who weren't interested anymore, but there were some who wanted to continue learning! We had a lesson with Sandy (who we met in the North Visitor's Center a week or two ago) and we taught the Restoration and all she could say was "....Wow!" after the First Vision. We felt the Spirit and we know that she felt the Spirit. It's the best kind of lesson when we are both edified! I loved it! And Sandy is such a sweetheart. We will call her again this week :)
Also, I was looking through my Area Book and I saw Colton's name. He is someone I met last Conference and who I started teaching, but then he stopped picking up the phone....then I went to Montana. However, when thinking "Hm, I should call him" I got nervous and thought, "No....maybe  not right now", but then I remembered how Satan is the one who puts fear into our hearts and minds so I called Colton and he picked up! I introduced myself and asked if he remembered me and before I could even finish my sentence he said "Sister Asay!! Of course I remember you!!" It was a great lesson and he is doing SO good!!!  He has continued going to church and is now meeting with the local missionaries!! I couldn't believe it! I thought when he stopped answering he wasn't interested in learning anymore, but he explained to me that his summer job (he was a fly fishing guide or something) made it hard to balance other things. He is willing to keep in touch and I emailed him Elder Bednar's conference talk which we will talk about next time! As well as following up with his lessons from the local missionaries! He is doing great!! 
Basically what we do each night when we get home....hahah. S. Hansen on Left and S. Ferguson on right.

Another transfer awaits!! And my new companion is my current roomie, Sister Ferguson, from Arizona!!!!  I'm flipping stoked!!!!  She has been my close friend for almost my entire mission!! Sister Hansen and I kinda tricked her to think that she was training and got her ZL's in on it, haha. Usually if someone is training, it's announced as "Your companion is coming from....the MTC!!!"  When her ZL was announcing her transfer info, she said "Sister Ferguson, your companion is coming from....the Temple Square Coordinator Cubicle!!" (Yeah, we have a cubicle, not even a real office, haha) and I jumped out from behind some sisters. Hahah. She was so surprised and it was so funny! It will be a good transfer! :)

I love my companion!

I love you all! Remember that Christ's Atonement can overcome anything.  He went through it all because He knows us and loves us for who we are individually. If you think that no one could understand what you're going through, turn to your Savior.  He is always by our side.
Have a great week :)
Sister Asay

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