Monday, December 1, 2014


Hi everyone!!

The title of this email is 12.13.14 because that is the day that Jerrica will be getting endowed in the temple!!!  We have been working towards this goal for about 6 months now.  Before I left to go Outbound, we set the goal that when I came back she would go through the temple! It  has taken a bit longer because the Temple Prep teacher was out of town a lot, but now it's finally here and I am SO proud of her!! She asked if I would be her escort and I feel so honored to do that! I will probably just cry throughout the entire thing because of how hard she has worked and how much she has grown! She is just amazing and I'm so looking forward to that day! 

Gobble gobble! Our turkey with a mustache, haha. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving this week was pretty wonderful! We went to the home of the Duke family and they were so great!  We got to know the parents really well in the beginning and do you know what was awesome??  They have this legit massage chair that we got to each sit in for 20 minutes while we talked.  What's funny is that with all of the stress from schedules and Christmas stuff I was really wanting a massage, and then just a few days later I got one!  Haha. #blessings. Then we made these gratitude pages where we put pictures (the mom took some of us and printed them out) and we wrote what we were grateful for. We then helped the mom cook and get everything ready, which I loved!!  It was so nice to help out and be in a home.  Then the rest of the family arrived!  It was 3 brothers with their wives and kids. We all went downstairs and each read the gratitude pages that we had made. It was the cutest because one little boy was going through the list of what he was thankful for and got to one item- Socks. Haha. He said, "Um, I don't know why, but I'm grateful for them". It was so funny.  I just miss little kids! Then we went upstairs and ate SO much delicious food! They had a lot of questions about Temple Square and how it worked and then everyone started telling mission stories.  It was cool because at the end one of the brothers said, "We never would have talked about our missions tonight if the sisters weren't here!". Yessss. So anyway, that night was pretty wonderful and they sent us home with tons of food!  It was sad to say bye because we felt like we were family and it had only been one day with them! Definitely a fun, happy Thanksgiving :) 

All smiles! The Duke ladies and us

This is the last week of the transfer! My assignment as Temple Square Coordinator will be up since you only stay in it for 2 transfers.  I have loved it, but I really miss being out on the Square! I'm ready to just do missionary work and not split it with office work, haha. We will see what this last transfer has in store :)

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary. I'm grateful to have this chance to learn so much about the principles of the Gospel and, in turn, have an increased desire to live them. I feel so blessed to have a loving family who has a testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ is the reason behind the season and I know that through Him I can be complete and whole. Also, the church has released a new video called "He Is The Gift". It's all over Temple Square! Here is a link to watch the short video. It's really good!

I love you all! Happy December! :)

Sister Asay

Sister Yeung and Sister Taito!

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