Friday, December 19, 2014

Working in the Lord's Vineyard

Hello there!!

We were talking with our roomies about apartment stuff and we mentioned about cleaning the dishes thoroughly before we put them on the drying rack.  One roommate, Sister Frasier, said "Yeah that's true, no one likes dirty dishes. ...Ha, that rhymes!!" And Sister Taylor (S. Frasier's comp) and I both looked at each other and started laughing.  Hahaha, it definitely doesn't rhyme, but S. Frasier was SO convinced.  It was sooo least to us anyway. Hahah. I still laugh when I think about it. #missionarylife

Announcing while it was snowing! Look at S. Mathias on my left.  She is my fave!

This week has been a busy one!  But a great kind of busy!  We have been on the Square a lot and teaching a bunch during our Teaching Center (Call Center) time.  I also announced yesterday after the Mormon Tabernacle concert. (A group of sisters who all speak different languages wait outside and "announce" that we are giving tours of Temple Square to share the history and the basic beliefs of the church. A group of high school kids came up to me and wanted a tour.  It was 3 members and one less-active named Megan. Turns out, Megan had lots of questions but was shy to ask them around her friends.  We got her information and set an appointment to call her later that night. When the time came, we called her and it went so well!  We answered her questions and Megan told us how she felt so strongly God was guiding her to move to Utah to help her change, but how lately she hasn't really felt the Spirit. I told her that God was waiting for her to act, so we committed her to read her scriptures daily this week and share with us how she feels.  She is also going through similar trials that Jerrica used to have, so I was able to share Jerrica's experience of being able to overcome her challenges with help from Christ and His Gospel.  Megan is a sweet girl and I'm so happy Sister Sindylkova and I were able to meet her on the tour and start teaching her! 

My previous comp, Sis. Mathias, is back from Outbound!! Happy, happy! :)


The group!

This is my cute new companion!

I also met a lady named Kim on chat who is really interested and wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon.  However, her spouse is kind of tough when it comes to religion and got angry when missionaries showed up at the door.  I told her we could mail the Book of Mormon and that I could call her if that felt less-intrusive for her than having missionaries stop by.  She agreed to receive the Book of Mormon, but didn't think calling was a good idea because she couldn't call at work or at home.  I suggested email and she was so excited about having an option to stay in touch!  In addition to the Book of Mormon, I also sent her the missionary pamphlets so she could get a good idea of what we believe.  I'm not sure what it will be like teaching her, but she seems so golden and how cool that she already really appreciates the principles of our church! I just love her already!

Last, but not least....I went to the temple with Jerrica this past Saturday :) What a special experience that I will never forget!!  Jerrica, who is really in-tune with vibes from her surroundings, said how powerful the Spirit was inside the Temple. She loved the whole experience and it was amazing to be her escort.  I was so incredibly proud of her. At the end, we walked into one of the side sealing rooms to show her what it looks like. We started talking about how happy she was and I just started crying.  The joy just filled my heart!  Later, we said a prayer together and she asked me to say it so, of course, I cried again.  Sister Jones and Sister Hansen also had permission to come and it was such a wonderful event!!  Probably one of my favorite moments of my mission. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing someone change so much, be worthy to go inside the temple, make higher promises with God, and in return receive so many wonderful blessings! 

Jerrica!!  Love her so much!

Sister Jones, Jerrica, myself, and Sister Hansen! What a wonderful day!!

It has been such a great week. I'm so grateful to serve my Heavenly Father and represent His Son, Jesus Christ. 

I love you all!! Have a fabulous day :)

Sister Asay

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