Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Conference is coming!

Oi! Hello Family and Friends!
The sisters here have been talking about it for weeks and are all so excited! If anyone is going, PLEASE say hi to me if you see me! :) For those of you who don't know what General Conference is, it's a meeting where our living prophet speaks to us and address the members of the church. It is broadcasted world-wide and it takes place in Salt Lake City- across the street from Temple Square. We have a huge Conference Center for the occasion and it seats 21,000 people. The conference is translated into 16 different languages, eventually 70, so that members around the world can watch :) It happens only twice a year so it's something we all look forward to!

So, last Saturday there was a General Relief Society Meeting (part of General Conference) for all of the women in the church. The Relief Society President, her 2 counselors, and then our beloved prophet spoke to us.  It was such a wonderful meeting and I got so much out of it! All of the sister missionaries were sitting on the far right at the front of the Conference Center where the prophet enters, and when he walked in the room I could feel a change in everyone- the Spirit was definitely present. He sweetly waved to all of the sister missionaries and my heart was seriously pounding! Haha. Here were some men who have been SO influential in my life and they were only 15 feet away!!
Relief Society General Broadcast w/ Sister Carvalho

When President Monson stood up to speak, after the Relief Society presidency gave their talks, he mentioned that he "missed his wife more than words can express" and it made me tear up....It helps you put it in perspective that, yes he is a prophet called of God, but that he is also a man like us with different trials. He then continued his talk where he testified to us that Heavenly Father loves each of us and that God does answer prayers. Every word he spoke was truth and I definitely have had so many experiences in my life where my prayers have been answered either by God or by God through someone else. We are placed on this earth to help one another and answer someone's prayer. I testify that He is watching over us and I invite everyone to watch conference this weekend to hear the words of a living prophet! The different sessions are Saturday at 10am & 2pm and then Sunday at 10am & 2pm. I promise that watching will make a difference. 

District dinner at the Lion House

I saw Kayla Black after the Relief Society broadcast!! I started crying I was so happy! Haha. Love you Kayla!! :)

Also, whenever I do something goofy or random my companion always says "soo yellow!" Haha. That's my core color if anyone has ever taken the Color Test. We had an activity a few weeks ago where all of the sisters got to take the test as well as hear from the psychologist who wrote the was so awesome! I seriously love this stuff. Maybe because my dad is a psychologist? ;) So, yellows are the social, easy-going ones who can't live without their fun, reds are the leaders, whites are the peace-keepers, and blues are the emotions. When I tallied up my answers I had the most yellows, next highest was red, had a good amount of white, and then only a handful of blues....haha, I guess I'm not very emotional?  But it was such a fun activity and for daysss it was the topic of conversation amongst the sisters! 

And Bob, the man in the wheelchair who got in a car wreck at age 18, now says "hey y'all" whenever I say hello to him. Haha! He's knows what's up ;) 
I love you all!! I am loving being a missionary and I am continually getting better at giving tours and teaching! It's cool to see the change in yourself. Anyway, everyone have a wonderful week! :)
I was also able to go to my cousin's wedding this week at the Salt Lake Temple! I got permission from my Mission President and I was SO grateful I could go! James and Nicole both looked so happy :) It was wonderful being there for their sealing and seeing some family! A tender mercy :) I love you guys!  

James & Nichole's Sealing!  What a beautiful bride!!

Here is the link to watch Conference or you can watch it on BYU tv.

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