Wednesday, October 9, 2013

General Conference Weekend

So I survived Conference! Hallelujah! :)

Conference on the Square is seriously so fun, but extremely exhausting to the MAX.  We are usually on the Square for about 10.5 hours per day doing different assignments with 30 minute lunch breaks and hour dinner breaks. However, during Conference we are on the Square for 14.5 hours and we only get 20 minutes to eat our meals. So by the time the weekend was over I had a sore lower back, my feet hurt, and my eyes were so droopy- not a pretty sight, haha. But talking to and uplifting the members all day, sharing scriptures, and asking if they had friends that we could teach was so wonderful!! I had so many great experiences this weekend. 

Ready for Conference Weekend!
Also, the food that different stakes were kind enough to make for us was the bomb-dig. We had sandwiches, lasagna, annnd Cafe Rio!! I about died. I was so excited to eat dinner that night! I miss Cafe Rio, haha. Something crazy, too, is that during the day I would forget I needed to eat lunch- and I never forget about food- but I was just so engulfed in the work! It's cool to when you're enjoying what you're doing so much that time just FLIES by!

My brother came and surprised me at the Beehive House and once I saw him I just started crying! Haha. We were doing stations in the Beehive and Carvalho and I were in the last room. One of the groups walked in and then, when I thought everyone had filed in, my brother walked through the door! Ah! I ran and tackled him with a hug! I then realized that there were people there watching me hug a male while crying, haha....I awkwardly pulled away and asked if they knew the that he was my brother. They said yes and that they had been looking forward to seeing my reaction...haha.  
My brother Andrew!!!!!
I also saw Heather Richardson, one of my best friends!! We saw each other from a good distance and basically ran to each other, haha. And, of course, I cried!  It was so good seeing her :)
More shout-outs to Ben Gong, Andrew Johnston, Megan & Mindy, Nicole, Krysta, Hannah Baker, Russell Ochoa, Elder Quiroz, Elder Kuck, Elder Clark, and Elder Totten.
The last three Elders were all in my freshmen ward at BYU and we seriously all saw each other at the same time! It was like a mini 51st ward reunion! 

Anyway, it was so great seeing so many familiar faces and I hope that I got everyone's names in there. It was a whirlwind of commotion at the Square!

At the end of Conference, we had a meeting for the entire mission.  The mission President's wife, who is about 60 years old, opened it with a rap about sharing the Gospel. It was hilarious! Haha. Just imagine a cute grandma trying to doesn't work, haha, but it was defs one of the greatest things I had ever seen.
Also, word to the wise, never eat a blue sucker before going out on the Square to talk to people...I spent about 5 minutes in the bathroom scrubbing the blue off my teeth with a paper towel. Haha.

The goal for the Sisters at Temple Square was to have 486 baptisms from the referrals they received at the April 2013 General Conference.  We surpassed that and had a whopping 504 baptisms! The Church is true! :) Our new goal for the next 6 months is 603 and I'm excited to be a part of it!! 

Also, a quick story not pertaining to Conference, but I had such a great experience last Friday on a Portuguese tour with Sister Carvalho. We took the two couples around to different sites and lastly we watched a short 12 minute film called "God's Plan for Families".  At the end, they all had tears in their eyes. Sis. Carvalho then shared her testimony about families and then I shared my testimony in Portuguese- first time ever! I always get choked up when I share my testimony at the end, English or Portuguese, since the movie is focused on a family who lost their grandfather. I still miss you Gramps! And I'm so grateful that I'll see you again.  

I hope everyone enjoyed Conference and was uplifted by the wonderful insight and revelation from Heavenly Father which was told to us by our prophet and church leaders.  I know I was. I love this Gospel and I'm so grateful to have a living prophet today. 
Zone Service Project

"...remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation...a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."  Helaman 5:12

Love you all,
Sister Asay

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