Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Miracles on Temple Square

Sister Carvalho and I were taking this newly engaged couple to something called "God's Plan for Families".  It's one video, but there are 6 rooms that we go to and watch different sections of the video. Each clip/room is about 2 minutes and then we move to the next room and so forth. We have given about 3 tours in God's Plan for Families and each time the clip in the last room, the best part where the spirit is the strongest, hasn't worked! :/ However, this particular day we heard earlier that it might be working again, so we were excited to take the couple there!

We start the video and we go through each room and arrive at the 5th room. While they were watching the video, Sister Carvalho and I check the last room and press the button to see if the video will play, but nothing happens...and we were so bummed!  We really wanted this sweet girl, who just converted to the church a year ago, to be able to feel the Spirit and have it testify to her that she will have happiness and blessings from her decision to marry her fiance in the temple.

Well, the 5th room video ended and we led them into the 6th and last room, not knowing exactly what we were going to do. I looked at Sister Carvalho and she paused for a second, and then suddenly just pressed the button.  As the lights dimmed, I prayed so hard!  "Please work, please work".  And all of a sudden, the video came on!! Ah! Sister Carvalho and I looked at each other with HUGE smiles on our faces! We knew that both of our prayers had been answered!  The couple watched the video and when it ended the girl was crying.  We asked her how she liked it and she said "this was amazing" and we then continued to share our testimonies of the blessings of the temple. 

After the tour, Sis Carvalho and I went back through God's Plan by ourselves to see if the 6th video just hadn't been working before because the 5th room video was playing simultaneously.  We went through and walked into the last room and pressed the button....nothing happened.  We tried again, and still nothing happened.  The video was still broken like it had been.  We then prayed and thanked our Heavenly Father for the small, but important miracle that had happened just 10 minutes earlier in that room.  Miracles of all sizes happen all of the time! :)
Yesterday, because some of the sisters had Leadership Training, so we had Sister Ma from Taiwan with us!  We gave a Mandarin tour and all 3 of them referred!  So cool! Sister Carvalho and I also learned some Mandarin while with her! I can now introduce myself and hold a simple conversation...as well as say "I'm hungry". 
Celebrating Bob's Birthday, a regular visitor at Temple Square
Funny of the Week
Last week a lady got on chat and asked "why don't the bible talk about dinosaurs?" and then signed off. Haha. So random!
On Wednesday we had District Meeting and my District Leader asked me to give a talk on diligence. It went really well! And I think one of the scriptures that I shared during that lesson is now one of my favorites.  It's D&C 88:78, "Teach ye diligently and my grace shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, in principle, in doctrine, in the law of the gospel, in all things that pertain unto the kingdom of God, that are expedient for you to understand"
I love this scripture so much and I felt prompted to share it with the sisters because a lot of the time we, as missionaries, feel inadequate.  We are all very humbled on our missions and we see our own weaknesses, but the point of a mission, or life, is not to have those weaknesses be what brings us down. Instead, we should look at the knowledge of us knowing what our weaknesses are as a blessing, because we then know what we need to work on! Having struggles is a part of growing, and this scripture promises us that if we are diligent we will be blessed to understand more and also to know what to say when it comes to sharing the Gospel. God wants all of us to succeed and to live as best as we can :)  
I love you all and I know this Gospel is true!
Have a great week :)
Sister Asay

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