Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sunshine in my Soul

Hello everyone!!

Can I just tell y'all how happy I am to be healthy again!!  I have missed the Square SO much and it felt great to be able to talk to people, teach, take tours, and everything else again!  Ah!  I was seriously on Cloud 9 for dayysss! Being sick really helped me realize how much I just adore being a missionary and how little time I actually have serving!

Some funny things this week:
1 - Sister Bailey, my previous District Leader, and I were talking in the kitchen and then we realized we had ended up by the trash can to get out of the way of other sisters coming in.  We started joking that we were "trash talkers". Super corny, but I was cracking up!

2 - Sister Lopez and I had to drive a companionship to the doctor yesterday, so we were waiting in the car during her appointment and the sun was shining right in Sister Lopez's face, so she rolled down the window, put her jacket in, and it was the plan for me to roll up the window for her, but....I rolled it up before she was ready (not a lot, just a tiny bit) and her finger got stuck! She yelled, "my finger!" and I unrolled the window as quickly as I could and then we both started dying laughing.  I was crying I was laughing so hard!  It hurt her obviously so I kept apologizing when I could get air to breathe.  Oh man, I felt so bad, but it was the funniest thing!  (And her finger is okay  :)

3 - I was on exchanges with my current District Leader last Friday and we were taking a chat with a lady named Alice.  She had many questions and she was sincerely wanting to know answers to certain parts of the Gospel she had been taught by local missionaries.  It was a great chat and at the end she asked us where we were serving.  Her nephew served so she had some knowledge about missions.  After we told her where, she was super excited because her nephew goes to the University of Utah and she said that she would text him to bring us treats to say thank you for how helpful we were to her.  Sister Dantas and I thought that was pretty cool, but didn't really think it would happen or that her nephew would find us....but he did!!  We were walking to an assignment and we saw this kid with a box and it was a box of treats for us! So legit! That has never happened before, so that made our day! 

We didn't take pictures this week, so before emailing we went over to the original cabin next to where we email and took some quick pics.  :)

 Our new apartment! Haha. 

Our reflection in the protective glass inside the cabin! Pretty cool!

This week Sister Lopez and I took our first Spanish tour!! Whoop, whoop! She had "passed off", or had been able to take Spanish tours, a few weeks ago, but then I was sick so we weren't able to take any.  But this tour went so well and I was so proud of her!  On language tours, we always try to teach balanced since that's what we are called to do...."teach two by two", so we usually prepare it beforehand.  Like I will talk about the history and she will translate and she will explain Gospel topics and then I will share my testimony, and she will once again translate.  So it's pretty cool and usually there is at least once English speaker on the tour so I just talk with them while we are walking place to place.

So the other day, we were walking through the Tabernacle and there was a sister who was seating like 60 people at the front and she was motioning for me to talk to her.  I walked down there and she told me that this group just wanted to hear the history about the Tabernacle and asked if I could do it.  My first thought was "wow, 60 people!" and then "heck yes!"  Sister Lopez and I went in the front and explained the history and shared our testimonies.  It was funny because the organist was practicing so we had to talk really loud.  I was able to learn how to project my voice from Theater classes in high school, but sweet Sister Lopez has a pretty quiet voice, so that night during the beginning of companionship study, I had her practice projecting her voice since we also have to project when we do Acoustics Demonstrations in the Tabernacle (like a pin drop) on tours.  It was pretty funny teaching her that, and she has got it down great!

Today, we were walking on the Square and I saw this couple looking at one of the statues and I felt a draw to them.  We walked over and started talking to them and turns out they were doing a huge road trip across the U.S. and were here in SLC for the day.  The wife had a lot of Mormon friends and wanted to check things out.  I offered them a tour and they accepted!  They were very nice people and we shared with them about temples and explained what we do there (sealings, baptism for family members that have passed away, and that we make higher promises with God there). We explained about church services, the Book of Mormon, and also talked a lot about families, prayer, and Jesus Christ.  It was an amazing tour and the Spirit was really strong at the Christus.  The lady told us she had lost her dad a while back and that it was only because of her faith that she was able to cope.  I then shared my testimony with her about how Christ has been a powerful influence and a source of comfort throughout my life.  She and I were both tearing up and it was such a special moment to share with her.  We then continued our tour and they didn't end up referring, but I hope that they will remember what we talked about and how they felt, and hopefully they will be more open to the Gospel in the future. 

It has been a great week and I feel so blessed to be a missionary and to be a representative of Jesus Christ!  On the tour with the couple I shared the story about the statue of Christ that was destroyed during the war in Germany and how they put it back together afterwards, but that the hands were missing and how the people decided to keep it that way.  They put "You are His hands" at the bottom.  I'm not sure if all of the details I said are correct, I can't remember the story exactly, but I love the point of it - that we are here to help each other just like Jesus Christ would.  We are His hands :) 

I love you all! Have a wonderful day!!

Sister Asay

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