Monday, August 4, 2014

An Attitude of Gratitude

Hello!! What a great week!!

We met with Betty again and it went very well! She has a little hesitancy, but she agrees with everything we teach her and we have an appointment set where we will visit her every week :) 

Also, we have been teaching Antara and she is amazing! She grew up in another church and her parents are very set on it, however Antara has felt the Spirit confirm to her the truth in what is taught at church and from what we teach in our missionary lessons. She prayed to God about it and was talking to us yesterday at church about how she wants to be baptized.  It was interesting too because at sacrament meeting it was two converts who spoke and they each shared some of their story, and later Sister Bonn and I found out that it directly answered one of Antara's questions about joining the church. How cool! I love how Heavenly Father works through others to give answers to His children. We are seeing Antara tonight and we will talk to her about a baptismal date that works best. She leaves for college in about a month, so hopefully it will work out that we can be there for it :) 

Our zone!

This week we also did exchanges with sisters in Missoula! It was my first exchange here and it was definitely interesting being the leader in the trio. It was really cool though seeing how a different companionship works and being able to be a support to them. At the end of the exchange I interviewed each of them and one sister opened up to me and shared with me her worries and her feelings of inadequacy. I was able to build her up and give her a little assignment that will help her with it. It was a two day exchange and I felt I was able to learn from them and hopefully they were able to improve or receive something positive from the exchange too. It was a great experience! It really was such a great opportunity to be able to aid and serve the sisters around us! 

The whole group!

Funny faces photo. Half of our row is doing double chins haha

On Sunday, Sister Bonn and I taught the Relief Society lesson. The lady who was going to teach had to leave for Utah since her cousin was really sick :/ and we offered to teach for her.  The lesson was based on the talk by President Utchdorf called "Grateful in Any Cirumstance".  I loved it because it talks about having an overall disposition of gratitude in our everyday life.  Yes, we need to count our blessings and be grateful for things, but sometimes there are tough circumstances where there aren't always "things" to be grateful for.  We need to have joy in the journey :) An overall gratitude each day and I personally feel that life is just happier and more enjoyable that way. I love this quote- "How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God for the rain?" When we are grateful we are showing our faith and trust in our Savior. There are many endings in this life on earth, but in Heavenly Father's plan "there are no true endings, only everlasting beginnings". :)

I love you all! I can't believe Daniel goes to the MTC tomorrow. He will be such a wonderful and amazing missionary who will change so many lives :) I love you, Danny!! 

Well, have a great week everyone :)

Sister Asay

Here are some pictures from the Mission Leadership council-

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