Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Mother's Love is Like No Other

Hello everyone!
On the way to the Square with Sister Lopez to get our new companions, I got stuck in the elevator!  We were taking some things down (since we both have to move apartments) and when we got to the first floor Sister Lopez walked out and I was in the process of picking up my things to walk out when the door started to close. Sister Lopez put her foot in between to make it open again, buuuut the doors froze.  She could take her foot out, but the doors wouldn't open again! We pulled them, but the doors wouldn't budge.  We pressed the buttons, but nope.  So I just stood there and then Sister Lopez decided we should take a picture....hahah, of course.  And then I used the emergency button inside and they said they would send over a mechanic and that I should keep pressing the alarm button so people would know where I was.  I was stuck about 15 minutes before someone was able to come and let me out, haha.  It was kinda creepy for the first few seconds, but then it was just funny.  And I had my pillow and my lunch with me so if I was stuck for a long time, I would have been set! 

Help! ;)

Sister Lopez and I were walking home the other night and it started raining! I had a hood on my coat, but she didn't so she took her coat off and put it over her head.  It was so hilarious to see because it was this big coat and little legs running next to me, haha. She reminded me of E.T. and I think I laughed the whole way home.   

 E.T. like when he had the ghost costume on. :)

TRANSFERS!  Like I mentioned last week, I'm not going Outbound.  President wanted as many sisters here for summer as possible, so he only sent 4 out.  Sister Lopez and I sadly won't be staying together. We had a great two transfers together though! 12 weeks ago, before we knew who was training who, President asked all of us what we wanted in our trainee or trainer.  Sister Lopez had said she wanted someone who was loving and patient and I had said I wanted someone who was ready to work and willing to learn.  And last night we were talking about it and we both agreed that we each fit what the other had wanted! Cool, right? Love that girl! 

Sister Lopez is wonderful!  I will miss my little Compy! 

And guess what? My new companion is Sister Occolier from Martinique! Woohoo- French tours!! :)  Haha. I'm still in North 1 so I will be on the Square the majority of the time. My favorite :)
A few days ago, I was walking with Sister Lopez by some of the Old Testament paintings.  I saw this family and had the thought to talk to them, but kept walking.  But I have really been working on being more in-tune with the Spirit and acting on it, so after we took a few more steps, I stopped and said "we need to go talk to them" and we turned around. We went over and said hello and started chatting. We then invited them to watch the presentation about families and they accepted.  It was so powerful! At the end, the mother was crying a lot and told me that their family had just gotten sealed in the temple 4 years ago.  The dad and the two teenage daughters were all crying too.  Also, I could tell from the beginning that maybe the teenage sisters didn't always get along and so I shared my own experience about how I used to constantly fight with my little brother, but that how having patience with him was what resulted in my little brother becoming one of my best friends.  Then the dad and one of the daughters shared their testimonies and it was just such neat experience! And it definitely affirmed my desire to continually be aware of impressions that I feel even if I'm not always completely sure it's a prompting from the Holy Ghost.
This week we were also were "contactors" for a Mandarin tour. Meaning that if a tour is over 30 people that the sisters who are taking it will have contactors to help talk to the group while walking place to place, find new investigators, and also keep everyone together. And contacting for the Mandarin group was SO fun!! They are all so interested and LOVE taking pictures, especially with the sisters.  It was also really cool to hear the testimonies of 4 missionaries in one tour since usually it's just you and your companion. Then at the end we sang "I am a Child of God" in Chinese. One lady said we sounded like angels. Music definitely has a special way of touching people, and many people referred after that tour!

Also, it was so great calling home on Mother's day!! I just love my family so much and what luck that they are some of my best friends too!  And since it was Mother's Day, I thought about how I'm so grateful for my mother who loves and cares about me no matter what.  I read this quote by Marjorie Hinckley and I thought of her :)

I believe that the love a mother had for her child is one of the most powerful things on earth! I also read this description about motherhood on and loved it!  "It’s the highest, holiest service assumed by humankind. It’s the definition of selfless service. It’s both a daunting responsibility and a glorious opportunity. The divine role of motherhood is a gift from God, and key to His plan of happiness for all His children."
I love you, mom! You are such a wonderful example to me and I hope I can be as wonderful of a mother as you are one day :)
Well, you are all wonderful! Have a great day! :)
Sister Asay

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