Friday, May 30, 2014

I love being a missionary!!

Hello everyone!!

Wow, this week has been so great! First off, let me just say how grateful I am to be with my companion!! I love her so much and we work great together!!  And it helps too that we are laughing almost all the time!

Zone Training Meeting outside!

A few cool things happened this week!  We taught Austin the Restoration this week and it went really well!  He took the lesson to heart and wants to learn more.  It's such a pleasure to teach him because of how sincerely interested he is!  And we also have a guy we are teaching in Haiti! His name is Colson and his friend Alex, who met him while doing a service project there or something, referred him to Sister Occolier about a month ago.  She had been teaching him with her previous companion, but now I get to be a part of it! :) So we have taught Colson on the phone twice in the past week with Alex as a member present and it's all in French/ Creole!  Sister Occolier knows both, but the member chose to be the translator for me and translate whatever I share into Haitian Creole-the native language there.  So many languages!  :)  I sure do love teaching the world at Temple Square.

Also, I have started reading the Book of Mormon in English and French to try and brush up on the 2 years of French that I took in high school.  I had always heard that if you read the Book of Mormon in a certain language, that you will be able to learn that language faster.  It first took me an hour to get through one chapter, and then the next day it took me about 25 minutes!  I still don't understand 98% of the language, but it's getting better!

Oh and guess what?!? Jerrica (the less active I was teaching who isn't less active anymore took the sacrament for the first time this past Sunday!!!  It has been 7 years since she last took it! It was amazing because we got permission for her to come to our Temple Square ward and Sister Jones (who has met Jerrica before) and I sat on either side of her.  Jerrica was so excited to be there!  But while they were preparing for the sacrament, she started getting pretty nervous so I leaned over and gave the advice for her to think about how much the Savior loves her and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I am".  When she said that it hit me just how powerful the love of our Savior is!  Then the bread and water were passed around :)  Once the first speaker stood up to continue the meeting, I whispered to her "You did it!!" and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces!!  She looked SO happy!!!  I can't even explain how much it meant to me to be there with her while she renewed the promises with God that she had made when she was baptized.  I definitely teared up! 

Jerrica at Sacrament Meeting! :)

Something I have really learned on my mission is pure love, Christ-like love.  Before my mission I used to trust people and then love them.  Now, it seems that I just love everyone instantly!  Then the trust grows as I get to know them.  Sister Occolier pointed out this week that this is when we are really fulfilling our calling as representatives of Jesus Christ.  When we love as He does.  And it's true!  We learn how to care about everyone and TRULY love them.  We learn to love without even thinking about it.  I meet people on tours and after just a few minutes I really care about who they are and how they got there.  The love our Savior has for each of us is so powerful and definitely shows through his missionaries!

This week has been pretty great!  Lots of tours and so many opportunities to share my testimony.  I'm grateful to be serving a full-time mission and learning how to be my best self while helping others come closer to Jesus Christ!  I know that this Gospel brings true happiness!
Love you all!!

Sister Asay

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