Hello everyone!

So, guess what? I am not going Outbound yet! Ha. A bunch of sisters thought I would since I'm American and it's summer (lots of tours) and all of the sisters here speak English, but I'm actually pretty grateful I'm staying! I have many new investigators who are starting to progress and I was worried about what I would do if I had to leave!  So, at least one more awesome transfer at Temple Square :)
Also, I saw my brother Daniel on Saturday!! Ahh, it was so wonderful to see him!! I walked into the Visitor Center and we saw each other and he ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug! I was a waterfall of tears, of course, haha.  I think I hugged him at least 20 times!  I was able to go to lunch with him and take him on a tour! Hunter was there too and everyone thought we were all siblings, like always, haha. But I was so proud and happy to introduce my brother to the other sisters we saw! It was such a blessing to be with my brother again :)

First hug!

One of the others! 

Temple shot!

Okay, a really cool thing happened on Sunday! It was Fast and Testimony meeting and I felt like I should go up and share my testimony.  I started off by mentioning that I had been sick for a week, but that the blessing of that was realizing how much I LOVE being a missionary!  I also said how we all need to make sure we take advantage of being Temple Square missionaries because of the opportunities we have to teach constantly throughout the day and share the Gospel with people from all around the world!  I bore my testimony about the power of scriptures, the blessing of prayer, and that I know Christ is my Savior. Then sat down. And guess who was there? Elder Quentin L. Cook!! I was able to share my testimony with one of the apostles being present! Ahh. So cool!!

Music and the Spoken Word!

So, a few days ago, Sister Lopez and I were walking on the Square and I felt that we should walk towards the fountain (the one to the side of the temple) and I felt we should go to the left of it, but I didn't see anyone there so I walked to the right towards a group of people. But as we started walking right, I noticed three people had just turned the corner and were on the other side of the fountain.  I felt then that those were the people we needed to talk to! So, we just kinda walked past the group on the right, haha, and made our way to the others.  We started talking and it was grandparents and their grandson.  When I asked the initial questions like where they were from, the grandma would answer but then would quickly look away.  I could tell she didn't want to talk, but I knew I felt a prompting earlier so I persisted.  After a few more Q's, I think she accepted that I wasn't going away, haha, so we then started chatting about their trip and how they were traveling in an RV across the U.S.  The conversation eventually came to discussion about the Church and she said she had to take her grandson to Temple Square because of how beautiful it was. I then talked briefly about temples, and she shared with us how she has heard many things about "the Mormons" and so I inquired if she had any questions she would like for me to answer. Turns out she had questions about our basic beliefs, like if we believe Christ is the Son of God and our Savior, as well as other things.  She sincerely wanted to know and seemed so relieved and happy from the answers we gave. After having the rumors she heard dispelled, she became so friendly!  I had hoped to stay in touch, but gave her one of our cards that has the mormon.org website on it 

This week has been pretty crazy with tours and there was one day this week that we took 3 tours in 3 hours!! It was so awesome!! All different stories and backgrounds- I love it! One group was from Texas! They had just been traveling and felt like they should stop at Temple Square even though it wasn't a part of their plans.  They has just barely walked onto Temple Square and had taken a picture when Sister Lopez and I walked by :) It was a great tour and the Spirit was definitely there! 

Photo taken by an "Ensign" magazine photographer

And the guy we met at Conference came to the Square on Saturday for us to teach him! We gave him a tour and went downstairs of the North and taught the Restoration using some of the displays. He had many questions and was interested in so many different aspects of our religion. It was funny though because at the end, Sister Lopez invited him to pray to know if what we shared was true and he flat-out said "No". Haha. It took both of us by surprise since he seemed so willing to learn.  He then added "sorry, it that was kinda blunt".  I asked him, "Greg, do you have a desire to find truth?" He said yes.  I then said "Well, then that means you are going to have to act. And we would like to invite you to read a part of the Book of Mormon, Alma 32." He agreed and said he would read it, so we are hoping to follow up with him and meet again this weekend!
Well, that's about it!! Have a wonderful day everyone! :)

Sister Asay

Oh, and this week I was asked by a 3 year old if I was a princess and if the temple was my castle. Haha. Day made.