Monday, May 26, 2014

Summer Sunshine

Wow.....summer is EXHAUSTING on Temple Square! Gosh. I don't think I have walked so much in my life. We are on our feet 7-9 hours a day- no sitting.  The first few days of our new schedules was pretty tough on my feet, knees, and back but now I am adjusting and I'm trying to go to bed around 9:45pm which helps! But something I do love about being on the Square so much is all of the miracles that we have seen!! I'll share a few…

Sister Occolier and I were walking out of the Tabernacle and we saw this man standing by the Flagpole.  I looked at him and felt we should talk to him, then looked at my companion who was looking at him so I said, "Let's go talk to him".  We turned around and walked over to him and started up a conversation. Turns out he was just traveling and thought he would stop by Temple Square.  We talked about the Temple a bit and then I mentioned how there was a Temple Model in the South Visitor's Center and that we could walk him there and help explain more about it and he agreed.  We chatted on the way over and found that he was somewhat religious and that he rode a scooter all the way from California to Oregon and was now going back! So cool right?  So we showed and explained the Temple Model, then I bridged from the Temple Model to the Assembly Hall (one of the first church's in SLC valley) and we went there to share about the history and also about church services.  We ended up also going to the Tabernacle and then to the Christus.  At the Tabernacle though we explained about prophets and the Spirit was just so strong! He was so willing to learn and when I started testifying and sharing a personal experience of mine and I started tearing up....which I don't do often on tours (unless maybe it's God's Plan, ha) but in the buildings I rarely cry.  He believes that there could be a prophet called of God today and it makes sense to him that God actually would call a prophet.  Then Sister Occolier also shared her experience (she's a convert of 4 years) and it was so powerful! Then, while at the Christus, we shared our testimonies about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, and he was willing and wanted to stay in touch! We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and two days later we emailed him and he had already read the first book! Ah, it was just such a wonderful tour and I know he will progress! He didn't give his phone number at first, but I'm hoping we can call and teach him on the phone this week! Definitely a miracle tour, and it was our companionship's first one together! 

We didn't take many pictures this week, but we snagged this one! We match, but only because our apartment is pretty warm so she took off the cardigan she was wearing and I had taken off the flowy blue shirt I had worn. #twins

Last Friday, Sis. Occolier and I were walking past the reflection pool. I saw this guy wearing a suit and a tie and I thought he was a member.  I walked by him and felt I should say hello. I then found out that he was from TEXAS! Woo! And I also noticed his luggage around him so I asked "What brings you to Temple Square today?" and he told me that he was in town for 24 hrs for a job interview and just wanted to look at the building right there (and pointed to the temple) before he left.  When he said "building" that's when I realized he wasn't a member like I had thought. We started talking more about temples and the church and I found out he had a Jewish background. Also, turns out, he had a good friend growing up who was Mormon who had served a mission and had gone to BYU.  I asked if his friend ever shared the Book of Mormon with him, and from there we then explained more about the Book of Mormon and ended up talking all about the Restoration of the Gospel.  It was pretty amazing!! He wanted the copy of the BoM that we offered him, so we all walked to the S. Visitor's Center to go get one.  We read Moroni 10:3-5 with him and when he finished he said, "Wow, that is so powerful" in such a reverent voice.  We then shared our testimonies and experiences that we know that reading the Book of Mormon and praying was how one can find out if it's really true or not.  After, we asked him if we could stay in touch and teach him more about it, and while he was filling out the referral card, he stopped at the part where you could put what religion you are.  He wasn't sure what to put. His words were, "I'm not sure what to put here, but I just know that I have to read this book".  He picked up the Book of Mormon and just looked at it for a second.  You could tell that he felt the Spirit that was present. Once again, another miracle experience! 
So, many miracles have happened on the Square! Those two are just a few! This week there was also a guy, Clay, who I met on chat who was recently baptized! And we also have a baptismal date for a man, Michael, who called in last week with a few questions and I had offered to share more to help him understand what we believe and we have had 2 lessons so far, not including the original phone call.  He is so willing to learn, but just wants to make sure that whatever he does that it's what's right in the eyes of God- which I totally agree with and understand!

And yesterday, I met with Jerrica who I have been teaching almost my whole mission and have been helping her get re-activated, and guess what?? She wants to go to the temple!!! She told me that it was her highest priority and top goal and that she absolutely had to go to the temple. I just started crying! I have come to love her so much and I am just so happy for her!! She wrote me the sweetest card too (because she thought I was going Outbound, haha, but gave it to me anyway) and I am just so grateful I am able to serve! God is so good.

Also, we had a mission tour with Elder Clarke yesterday and it was amazing!  He taught us how to be even better missionaries and it was just such a great, edifying experience!  I have lots of notes!

Well, this week has been pretty crazy and the first few days I thought my body would break, but I am doing great and I love my companion! Took a few days for us to get to know each other, but we laugh so much!  We had District Meeting a few days ago and she went around saying all of the nice things about others, because she didn't want to say things about herself (we were introducing ourselves), and she got to me and said "Sis. Asay is REALLY fun and truly loves the people".  It meant a lot since we were still in the beginning of getting to know each other! Sister Occolier is so nice, really funny, and a good worker. I'm looking forward to spending this transfer together as companions!

Well, gotta run! Have a wonderful week!! :)


Sister Asay

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